Also Light becomes obsessed about winning in the seductive game he’s playing with L even though he frequently claims that L disgusts him. Talking in Your Sleep: Light takes full advantage of this. “Ryuzaki, what is your real name?” That Man Is Dead: Kira? Who’s Kira? Took a Level in Dumbass: Light admits to L that he’s Kira and then challenges him to prove it. L, instead of doing the sensible thing and arresting Light as soon as he confessed, takes him up on his challenge. Transparent Closet: after he loses his memories Light is confused about why the girlie smut doesn’t do it for him. Unreliable Narrator: Light The Vamp: Light Victory Is Boring:Light: This was all fun and games, but even I was growing tired at how easy it was to have the great detective L in the palm of my hand. Seeing him powerless to stop me was a thrill; but like all thrills, it was losing its edge. Even having his name, the name I wanted so badly to know all nothing now that I knew it. I felt like it was game over. It was the same thing as beating the final boss in a video game and seeing the end cut scenes. It was not satisfying once the task was actually completed. Was the hunt truly over? I wanted to win, but did it have to be so quickly? I was hoping to play a tad longer.

Action Girl: Jezzet Ve’urn is one of the only two Blademasters in the world. A title reserved for the greatest warriors in the world. Henry is also this, being almost but not quite as tough as Jezzet. Anti Hero: Jezzet and Thanquil are this if you want to be generous. The Blackthorn is a straight up Villain Protagonist. The Blackthorn softens considerably in The Color of Vengeance. City of Adventure: Chade is one of these, being the source for all manner of crazy hijinks from our heroes. Black And Black Morality: Everyone in this world is one sort of scumbag or another. The heroes are just more likable than most. Black and Gray Morality Jezzet and Thanquil are the nicest people in the setting. Even then, see below. Crapsack World: Slavery (sex and otherwise), warlordism, immense poverty, crazy religious fanatics, demons, murderous brigands around every corner, monsters, and a less than enlightened attitude to women. Conan the Barbarian or Elric should burn the place to the ground. Subverted by the fact this is actually a return to Sword Sorcery’s roots before the genre became Lighter and Softer. Dark Action Girl: Henry, despite having a boy’s name, is both a woman and terrifying. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Everyone in the story suffers this with the possible exception of Inquisitor Darkheart. Green and Henry suffer this worst. Swift joins the ranks of this by The Color of Vengeance. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: The only redeeming feature of Token Evil Teammate (well, Token Evil er) Swift. Evil Versus Evil: A running theme in this story is everyone is one kind of sonofabitch or another. Grim Dark: Advertises itself as such. Humans Are Bastards: Everyone in this setting is one kind of a son of a bitch or another. Even the street waifs. Especially the street waifs. The Red Baron: The Blackthorn is, obviously, this. His real name is the decidedly less impressive Betrim. Catherine, Constance’s sister, was called The Bloody Angel. Sword Sorcery: A fairly classical example of such, being a grim and gritty fantasy setting with a historical mash up of cultures. Troperiffic: Just look at this list! Villain Protagonist: The Blackthorn is one of these. Jezzet and Inquisitor Darkheart have some standards. He develops a few in The Color of Vengeance.

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