Bishop has advocated for the values and morals of Southwest Georgians “God, country, work, family, and guns” through his support for several Constitutional amendments. flag against acts of desecration, preserving the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman, ensuring a balanced federal budget, and allowing voluntary, non denominational prayer in schools and other public localities. He also is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, receiving the grade of from the National Rifle Association. King and legislation to rename the main post office in Albany for Dr. Walter Carl Gordon, Jr. He has supported bills to expand and improve the Andersonville and Jimmy Carter Historic Sites, as well as efforts to sustain and build new structures at the Second District’s military installations, including Fort Benning in Columbus and the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) in Albany. He supported the minting of a commemorative coin honoring the United States Army Infantry, with a portion of the proceeds supporting Columbus’ National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. Additionally, he has secured more than a billion dollars in federal grants and loans for communities throughout the Second District, making the area one of the nation’s leaders in qualifying for federal community development funding. House of Representatives since his election in 1992. A graduate of Morehouse College and Emory Law School, Congressman Bishop is an Eagle Scout, as well as a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, a 33rd Degree Mason (PHA), and a Shriner. He is a resident of Albany, Georgia, where he is a Deacon and Trustee of the Mount Zion Baptist Church.

Compare Adventure Friendly World, Anachronism Stew, Culture Chop Suey, and Fantasy Kitchen Sink. Technology Levels is what this trope averts. As well as Medieval European Fantasy, of course. If the old stuff proves as effective as the new stuff, you’ve also got an Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age. It may also be the byproduct of a Retro Universe. Contrast Days of Future Past. Batman’s nemesis Mr. Freeze has invented a freeze ray; Lex Luthor currently waltzes around in a battlesuit full of crazy power and can probably fly; Firestorm can synthesize any material in any quantity (I’m looking at you, lithium); Thanagarian N th metal is apparently capable of bestowing flight; Black Lightning is capable of generating mounds and mounds of electrical current, and. well, you get the idea. And yet, citizens of Earth are still using gasoline fuelled cars. This is usually either justified with the technology either being created by super geniuses and only working for them, or being in the domain of only aliens, magic wielders or the very, very rich/military. Or maybe they just don’t trust regular people with these wonderful toys after all, someone probably could mass produce cars fueled by the Power Cosmic, but suppose someone back engineers them into weapons.

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