Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Subverted. Ivan Drago blatantly pushed the referee away during the fight in which Apollo loses his life. He obviously should have been arrested and charged with murder. A high profile figure like Drago would, however, end up the subject of intense diplomatic wrangling. Drago would be more likely to die of old age than to ever set foot in a US courtroom over a death in the boxing ring of another boxer who fully understood the risks of the sport. Appeal to Nature/Science Is Bad: Rocky’s training is portrayed as more righteous because it’s outdoors in the brutal Russian winter, while Drago’s training is indoors, more technological, and includes steroid use all of which emphasize Drago’s villain status. Artistic License Physics: Ivan Drago has a measured punching pressure of over 2000 psi. Considering the average size of someone’s fist, this would equate to roughly 15000 pounds of force. To put this in perspective, a T Rex’s bite power was estimated at 7700 pounds of force. Artistic License Sports: In reality, Ivan and Apollo’s fight would have been stopped very quickly. It doesn’t matter if the towel was thrown in or not: the referee is obligated to end the match immediately if he fears for a boxer’s well being. By the conclusion of the first round, it was blindingly obvious Apollo was in danger of significant injury. Badass Beard: Rocky grows one during his training time in Siberia. Badass Boast: “You will lose.” Drago Blood Knight: Ivan is revealed to be one when he knocks his Soviet handler on his ass. As this is the first time Drago has shown something resembling respect for an opponent, this is something of a Pet the Dog moment.”I fight to win for me! For ME!!”

In total, we are looking at a loss of annual demand on the order of more than $1.3 trillion a year. President Obama’s stimulus package proposes to fill this gap with a boost in the range of $300 billion to $350 billion a year, half of which is offset by cuts at the state and local government level. And, Joe Biden is surprised that this is inadequate? It was very important to pass the stimulus in February. It was a foot in the door and it has dampened the severity of the downturn. But, we need to bring some arithmetic to economic policy debates. It will take much much more to get the economy back on it’s feet and that should be obvious. The Republicans and their allies in the media will try to scare people about the deficit in the hope of keeping the economy in the doldrums as long as possible, but the reality is that there is no alternative to more stimulus to boosting the economy. Unless we want to have double digit unemployment for many years to come, we will need to run very large deficits for at least the next three years. Those who are unhappy should blame the economists who were too dumb to see an $8 trillion housing bubble.

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