He needs to know why.By this time last season the 21 year old was 13 goals to the good on his way to a 32 tally which was racked up by March and threatened to rewrite the scoring record books.A couple of recent cameo appearances included being thrown on in Munich during Wednesday’s Champions League humbling by Bayern but the scene is being set for a start against Hibs in this afternoon’s Betfred Cup semi final.BT hold hands up over embarrassing ad and release new versionRodgers wouldn’t confirm anything more than Dembele is ready for the call but it also came with the caveat that ousting Leigh Griffiths would be no mean feat.He said: “I do see signs that he’s getting back to where he was last season and I’ve told him that over the last week.”With Moussa, you notice it in his running.”When he came on against Dundee http://www.smartcommerce21.com/girls-never-enjoy-their-attires-unless-they-are-complimented/, his mobility and running ability was there.

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