Dead Alternate Counterpart: When SG 1 travels back to Earth and arrive in a timeline that has been altered by one of their enemies, this turns out to be the case with some of them. Carter’s counterpart (an astronaut) was killed by performing a Heroic Sacrifice during a space mission, while Mitchell’s counterpart never even existed because his grandfather was killed by the villain during his visit, thus making him a literal example of a Grandfather Paradox. Jackson’s counterpart however is still alive, but is living on the fringe of society as a crackpot scientist because his Ancient Astronauts hypothesis never got any recognition. Delayed Ripple Effect: The effects of Ba’al’s time travel work like this. Possibly justifed in universe as having the people who were affected earlier in the revised timeline (such as Vala/Qetesh) vanishing first. Dying Curse: Apophis gets a damn good one.

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