To Be Lawful or Good: When RoboCop and Lewis are surrounded by Rehab troopers, Murphy weighs up his four prime directives, which are two for two in favour of both the Rehabs and the innocent civilians hiding in the church. He decides to side with the civilians, but his fourth directive prevents him from shooting McDaggett, so he’s forced to shoot one of the Rehab troopers’ vehicles to cover the civilians’ escape. Turn in Your Badge: The entire Detroit police force turn in their badges in refusal of OCP’s practices. Turncoat: Coontz, who decides to aid the Rehab forces for cash. Verbal Backspace: The pimp who suffers the Flashed Badge Hijack, after seeing who is doing the hijacking. Villain Respect: At the end of the movie, when the Japanese executive meets RoboCop in person, he bows in traditional Japanese style as a mark of acknowledgement of Robo’s ability to defeat the Japanese android he’d fought earlier. Weaponized Exhaust: RoboCop dooms McDaggett to his fate by burning his legs with the exhaust of his Jet Pack, leaving him helpless in the soon to explode building.

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