Mistaken for Gay: Jade by Gwen. Mood Whiplash Brent and Jade’s wedding. Mundane Wish Subverted. When a genie offered Brent and Cole one wish, they used it to get the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, but enjoy it so much they seem to have no regrets. Naughty Nurse Outfit: Jade as part of a Nyquil fueled hallucination. Never Win the Lottery: Inverted. It ends up laying the groundwork and providing fuel and/or settings for multiple major story arcs, not to mention Character Development out the wazoo, as well as introducing significant new characters. Not So Imaginary Friend Skull’s super intelligent cat. Inverted with Skull. Everyone in the comic can see Skull with the exception of Max Powers. Not anymore. Oblivious Admirer Ricky “Turtle” Tuttle is this to Francis. Offhand Backhand: Robbie takes out a sales drone before he can do any damage. Our Werewolves Are Different: A Beast Man version that has self control while transformed and complete control over the change, which is instantaneous and painless. The only obvious change is claws and instant fur growth, though the second arc implies they also have enhanced abilities. Two Halloween arcs: The first is in 2004. Cole gets bitten by a werewolf and infects Jade and Brent. Francis thinks it’s cool, tries and fails to get bitten as well, and in the end cures them with wolfsbane out of spite. The second is in 2005. It turns out Cole never drank the spiked punch and is still a wolfman. He is tricked into biting Francis, and the two go on to use their enhanced abilities to fight crime. In the end, Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds tricks them into eating wolfsbane to depower them, because he doesn’t want them foiling his plans of world domination. Pacman Fever Francis gets a ring with a Pokemon on it. Not a specific Pokemon, just “a Pokemon”. A minor example, but considering Francis and Marcy are supposed to be nerds, the reference feels awkward. Of course the fact they are completely drunk at the time might help explain it. Paintball Episode a paintball storyline gets most of the rules right, then turns around and intentionally gets them wrong. Panda ing to the Audience The Office Panda. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Very rarely does the plot involve the cast actually having to produce a magazine. The rest of the time the office is just a setting for hijinks. Lampshaded in a guest strip:Brent: You know, this is the first time I’ve actually seen our magazine.

Rembrandt in Popular Culture He appears in an album of Gilles de Geus. He also played a major part in the Suske en Wiske adventure De Nachtwachtbrigade. In De Kiekeboes album Hotel O all the hotel rooms have names of painters. A famous pop star stays in the Rembrandt room, guarded by his two bodyguards at night, nicknamed his Nightwatch. In Asterix and the Soothsayer the soothsayer dissects a fish while Astrix and the other villagers watch him. This is a shout out to Rembrandt’s famous painting of The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp. The pop band The Rembrandts, best known for the theme song from Friends lent their name from him. In the John Christopher post apocalyptic novel Beyond The Burning Lands, the protagonist explores the crumbling ruins of a pre disaster mansion and finds one of Rembrandt’s paintings still hanging on a wall. The artist’s name means nothing to him, but he recognizes the talent on display. In the webcomic Girl Genius http://www.polyvida.com/this-is-an-opportunity-that-cannot-be-ignored/, a guy named “R. Van Rijn” is remembered as one of the most brilliant Sparks ever seen in Europa, even 200 years after his death. 1632: A young Rembrandt is a minor character in the series, and is depicted as going through something of a personal crisis after having his life’s work shown to him in the time travellers’ books. In the end, he decides to re make his paintings, but updated (for example, the “new” Night Watch carries pump action shotguns and the new “Anatomy Lesson” is taught by a woman in modern doctor’s whites) and let history decide which ones they like better. Several of the “new” paintings show up as covers for books in the series. Illustrator Akihiko Yoshida names him as one of his major influences and it shows with his use of earth tones.

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