Sky: We expect fanfics. We’ll see you on the next boat. “I’m so startled!”). His voice even takes on a Cartman like affect at times, which is most noticeable in mod showcases. Sky gives one to Soul Eater in the Ghostbusters video. Sky and MunchingBrotato’s skins in this particular modded Cops And Robbers episode are based off Attack on Titan, which Sky has admitted to being a fan of. Sidekick: Depending on the point of view, Deadlox can be considered this. Something Completely Different: The “Mine Little Pony” mod showcase was a joint venture, guest starring Deadlox, Kuledud3 and Definitely Accidental, the latter two being bronies. “The Rave Mod” video is also a guest venture, guest starring ipodmail. Also, it shows a multiplayer server featuring the mod. The “Too Much TNT” video was done by HuskyMudkipz because Sky was busy dealing with a family matter. “When Squids Strike”. Sky Does Amnesia. It’s the only Let’s Play on his channel that isn’t related to Minecraftnote He has a separate channel for non Minecraft stuff. The intro for this Halloween edition of Cops and Robbers is from Dartron’s POV, rather than Sky’s. Spiders Are Scary: As shown by the face cam in his playthrough of The Hospital, Sky is apparently terrified of real life spiders. So when he notices one near the computer, he gets up and tries to shoo it away. More like he nearly backpedaled from his setup in a panicked attempt to escape it and then tried to slap it away. He even chants a little rhyme as a ward against it coming back! Spotlight Stealing SQUID: He repeatedly tries to take the focus away from the mod, especiall

Later turned into an Ironic Echo by Sailor Moon. Deconstruction: Did you not read the main description? Virtually every part of a self insert is deconstructed. Method of transit, how the body would react, how environmental factors would affect the person. Defeat Means Friendship: Motoko becomes a friend of the SI right at the end of his time at the Hinata House note At the end of the second Love Hina arc. This qualifies because when he first showed up, Motoko violently attacked him, and he defeated her. He’s selling them online. He has also made other shirts, such as one explaining the Medium Transfer Principle. Depleted Phlebotinum Shells: In the second volume, Washu provides the SI with specialty shotgun rounds in addition to standard ones; The Yellowjacket rounds (sabot razor darts), Backlash (essentially a Warhammer 40,000 Bolter round), and the Goodfellow (has a tiny string of antimatter contained within). Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: The SI kills Zoicite. A bog standard human, armed with nothing more than a shotgun, a grenade, and his wits, kills a Dark General, a being of pure evil who is impressively skilled with magic. (Sailor Moon, First Arc) He manages to hold off the Numbers Cyborgs pretty much single handedly for a while, before having to call in Senbei (Nanoha, First Arc). Epigraph: In volume II, each chapter starts with one. Exact Words: The title. In order to travel to another universe, he has to fall asleep, and since he reappears in the bed of the next girl in the list at around four in the morning. he is sleeping (non sexually) with the various girls. The SI threatens to feed Luna, when she first meets him, to his dog, which he mentions is a Pit Bull. However, he later reveals that while, yes, his dog is a pit bull, he’s fifteen years old, is incredibly lazy, was raised with cats, and thus is almost totally harmless. Eyes Always Shut: Kitsune. The SI finds it rater creepy, like she would fall asleep at any moment. Face Fault: The entire Tenchi Muyo! cast reaction when the SI words a actually insightful question in a rater dumb way note how is he supposed to fall asleep. at will?. The SI points out how weird the gag looks in real life. Facepalm: Airi’s reaction when the SI mentions an easy way to make money that the entire group overlooked before he pointed it out. Fan Nickname: On the Spacebattles forums, the SI is referred to as “Walker”, short for “sleepwalker”. First Person Smartass: The SI, again. Foreshadowing: On waking up next to Quattro, the SI lists the women he’s woken next to and asks: Did I miss anyone? Maybe next I’ll wake up with Asuka.

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