The “Force Pile”, plus its two attendant graveyards, the “Used Pile” and the “Lost Pile”, was the real heart of the game, and created all sorts of cool loopholes. The objective of the game was to force your opponent to discard all his remaining deck to the Lost Pile. Abilities that attacked it directly were critical to success. One way to do this was to “Force Drain”, which you could only do if you had characters at a Site that had Force icons of the other side, but no characters of the other side there. This allowed Cherry Tapping by spreading your forces really thin. with the caveat that your opponent could probably break those defenses pretty easily, and start Force draining you in return. Another way is to engage him in battle. All character cards come with four statistics: physical “Power”, mental “Ability”, a “Deploy” cost in Force, and a “Forfeit” value. Ability counts when doing things like trying to aim a blaster, but a “vanilla” battle is resolved by comparing the total Power on both sides. Whoever has the lower total can discard either Force (from hand or deck) or enough characters that the total Forfeit covers the deficit. invokedAs mentioned, you drew cards into your hand from the Force Pile, as many cards as you wanted. but you couldn’t put cards back out of your hand (unless you had a specific Event in play), and drawing too many could leave you “Force screwed”, with cool cards in hand but nothing to purchase them with. When you used Force to do something, it went into the “Used pile”, which would eventually cycle back under your deck; some Interrupts (read: spells) went there quite specifically for re use, while others went to the Lost pile. When you drew Destiny, it went to the Used Pile, meaning there was a built in Luck Manipulation Mechanic as you cycled Force to get that high Destiny card back to the top for your next important endeavor. Destiny was another signature mechanic, and a brave attempt to avert Bribing Your Way to Victory. Whenever a character attempted to aim a weapon, resolve an event that involved random chance, or even just win a fight, The Force was allowed to intervene, in the form of drawing the top card of your deck and checking its “Destiny” value. Rarer / more powerful cards always had low Destiny values for instance, Luke, Han and Leia were always Destiny 1 (with one exception, an ultra rare Game Breaker version of Luke). In the Star Wars setting, Underdogs Never Lose because the Force is with them; Decipher built this into the game’s rules by putting higher numbers on weaker cards.

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