Subverted with Zaeed. When he questions Fist, he tells him that Fist is a dead man already. Then he takes out a knife and sets it down next to a pillow, then tells Fist that if he talks, he’ll get the pillow, and if he refuses, he’ll get the knife. Jetpack: GDI makes near ubiquitous use of these in all their armor, with the rest of the Citadel species moving to adopt them in special operations units once GDI proved their effectiveness in the First Contact War. Kill Him Already!: Both Jenkins and Shepard make this mistake when confronting Saren by covering him with their railguns and demanding he surrender instead of outright shooting him. In the former’s case, it gives Saren time to use an ECM pulse to make his weapon think it is overheating, while in the latter, it gives Saren time for a Scrin Mastermind to arrive and teleport him away. Shepard berates herself for this mistake immediately afterward, saying she should have shot Saren right away, and Nihlus responds by saying that yes, she should. Knee capping: This is Garrus’ approach to most situations where someone needs to be kept alive. Loophole Abuse: Temple Prime doesn’t technically violate the UHAT treaty, because it isn’t a warship. MacGuffin: The Tacitus buried on Eden Prime. Made of Iron: Scrin Intruders and Ravagers. One of the former takes multiple pistol rounds, several shotgun blasts to the head, and two frag grenades to kill. The latter can take all of the above and keep on coming. Manipulative Bastard: Kane. When you’re the head of an infamous terrorist/criminal/fanatical religious organization who manages to steal the Tacitus, one of the most valuable artifacts to both the Citadel and GDI, then turn around and negotiate a compromise between the two to make yourself look like the reasonable and level headed one, you’re a definite case of this. In fact, this is pretty much Kane’s entire methodology, as he doesn’t have the massive base of support he had on Earth, and is forced to play the role of secretive manipulator using his minimal resources to make himself lo

It’s worth noting that Sony Corporation per se only does the electronics and some financial shenanigans. Most of the fingers Sony sticks in other pies are technically independent corporations Sony Interactive Entertainment (games), Sony Pictures Entertainment (motion pictures), Sony Music Entertainment (music), Sony Financial Holdings, etc. That’s before getting into Sony Corporation of America, Sony de Mexico, etc. There are dozens of Sony corporations in total (The Other Wiki has a list). One upshot of this is that Sony has been known on more than one occasion to sue “itself” when conflicts arose between, for instance, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Corporation. Or take different sides of a political issue, such as during the SOPA fiasco, Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment were for it while Sony Computer Entertainment was against it.

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