Dr. Farallon beams onto the Enterprise to show off her Exocomp, and is greeted by Data. Naturally, she is fascinated by him, and Data is equally interested in the Exocomp. The robot is designed to identify problems and replicate any tools it needs, as well as to learn from experience and apply logic to new situations. Dr. Farallon asks for permission to use the Exocomps to improve the function of the mining station before he gives his final report to Starfleet, and when Data voices his support Picard approves her request, sending Data to assist her. As they work on it, Dr. Farallon sends an Exocomp to finish a connection inside an access tunnel, only for it to return before completing the task and refuse all commands to continue. A moment, later, an explosion occurs inside the access tunnel.

Interrupted by the End: Always happens to Steve. Mad Libs Catch Phrase: A lot of the time, Brule will replace his “For your health” phrase with something else like “For your rides” or “For your boats”. Mushroom Samba: “FEELS LIKE MY ASSHOLE’S ON FIRE!” Nice Guy: For all his idiocy and incompetence, Steve is still a pretty nice guy. He’s always friendly to the people he interviews, and generally just wants to make friends. No Accounting for Taste: Jane and Wayne’s marriage. Orphanage of Fear: Steve visits one in “Children.” Of course, he doesn’t notice anything odd or off putting about it. Parental Abandonment: Steve’s father tragically abandoned him as a child. Potty Failure: Happens to Steve a few times. Quarter Hour Short: It probably couldn’t work any other way. Retraux Running Gag: Brule always mangles the names of his guests. Spin Off: Of Tim Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! http://contentbusters.net/uncategorized/and-no-not-everyone-takes-advantage-of-that-and-cheat/, specifically the “Brule’s Rules With Dr. Steve Brule” sketch. Stylistic Suck: The show emulates a cable access series from the late 80s/early 90s, complete with several deliberate technical errors per episode. The segment transitions are riddled with visual artifacts to simulate the show being recorded on old VHS tapes. The editors run the footage through a VCR and hit it every once in a while to screw up the vertical synchronization. Surreal Horror/Humor: Episodes usually come in both flavors. Taking Up the Mantle: Scott Clam takes over as host when Steve gets arrested at the end of Season 4. Unreadably Fast Text: The credits. Unusual Euphemism: Steve is fond of using “Dingus” as one. Watch It Stoned: Well, like parent series, like Spin Off, one supposes. We Hardly Knew Ye: Linda Barelli, brought in as a co host, dies halfway through her introductory episode. Widget Series: Hoo boy. Verbal Tic: Brule has a habit of sticking an R after the first letter of certain words (‘Pruppets’, ‘Broat’.) You’re Not My Father: In the “Family” episode, Steve goes and finds a man that resembles his father to have a cheese and wine lunch with him in a park somewhere as well as give him hugs. This strange man only seems to be capable of grunting. “Remember, some dads are not your dad.”.

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